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Copywriter's Proposal Single 28

Copywriter's Proposal Single 28

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Ecommerce web copy for a Children's product



Submitted by: Conrad Winter, Backpocket Copywriter (
Proposal type and style: Medium, written in 1st person, mostly narrative format with skimmable elements, very enthusiastic, friendly and persuasive

Highlights: This medium proposal begins with a very persuasive project overview, which they're bound to read first, brimming with enthusiasm in what is clearly customized text. Nothing generic here. The proposal itself is also another gleaming example of the type of writing this copywriter provides. He includes a detailed outline of the pages to be written, conveying with each his recommendations and what he believes to be important in each element. He also addresses issue of scope creep common in web site development. The marketing elements are included here as well: background, relevant client list in table format, as well as the personal request to do the work. The fee is handled as a minor detail, taking up two lines in a 4 page document and expressed as a single number.

(Included in Copywriter's Proposal Bundle)

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