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Copywriter's Proposal Single 27

Copywriter's Proposal Single 27

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Marketing Collateral for a manufacturer



Submitted by: Conrad Winter, Backpocket Copywriter (
Proposal type and style: Short, written in 1st person, narrative format, direct and professional with persuasive elements

Highlights: This is the first of the sample proposals that doubles as a sample of the copywriting or writing style. Conrad describes in prose the 6 phases his step by step process, with a bulleted list of services proposed. There is a section devoted to revisions, in an attempt to avoid confusion, as well as a section addressing projects that are put on hold and his policy about handling that. Finally, the fees are outlined simply, with a fixed number for each component.

This proposal also includes several “marketing-oriented” elements, notably:

  • positioning the services by calling them “a solution”
  • a client list in table format, customized to emphasize similar types of companies
  • a simple and personal request for the work, entitled, “Most importantly”

(Included in Copywriter's Proposal Bundle)

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