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Copywriter's Proposal Single 22

Copywriter's Proposal Single 22

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One-page agreement for web site copy for entertainment industry



Submitted by: Deidre Rienzo, Connect with Copy (
Proposal type and style: One-page agreement, written in 1st person narrative, very friendly and accessible tone

Highlights: This one-page “project agreement” not only does the job of outlining concisely the terms agreed to for a small job between client and vendor who already know each other, it also goes a long way toward communicating, “We do things professionally.” It also serves its main purpose, which is to put in writing the details about time and money that were agreed to verbally, which is especially important to do with “familiars” to prevent confusion and misinterpretation. It doubles as a contract, including information on revisions, billing, scope, and a place for the client to sign.

(Included in Copywriter's Proposal Bundle)

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