Copywriter's Proposal Single 21

Copywriter's Proposal Single 21

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Simple One-Page Agreement (to send via email)



Submitted by: Bob Bly, direct response copywriter and consultant (
Proposal type and style: One-page agreement, formal and direct in tone, written on behalf of the copywriter and sent from his assistant.

Highlights: After almost 30 years in business, Bob Bly is well known enough that he doesn't have to do much selling. So he doesn't do proposals. Instead, he sends a short confirmation email message once a deal is made. The emphasis in his agreement is on how he works: here's how much it costs and here's how you can pay. He's also clear about how many revisions are involved and puts a deadline on how long the revision process can take, ideally preventing projects from dragging on.

He also mentions a “kill fee” in case the project is cancelled. Finally, he includes a caveat about results, guaranteeing a client's satisfaction but not the project's results, since there is much beyond his control. Note, in bold, the line that indicates when the project begins, so there are no questions or confusion.

(Included in Copywriter's Proposal Bundle)

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