Birthday Bundle
Birthday Bundle
Birthday Bundle
Birthday Bundle
Birthday Bundle

Birthday Bundle

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The Birthday Bundle is the special offer for my annual Birthday Sale.

To thrive as a small creative business, you need 4 things:

  1. A Focus or Niche(s) -- the narrower the better, as long as you can find "the right people." (That's why I created the Pick a Niche Kit.)
  2. A simple way to stay in front of the right people so you don't become victim of "out of sight, out of mind." (That's why I created the Simplest Marketing Planner.)
  3. A way to show those people that you are exactly who they need because you've worked with others like them. (That's why I created the Case Study Bundle.)
  4. A way to keep track of your very best prospects, so you can follow up without giving up. (That's why I created the Prospect Tracker.)

Because when you know who you're looking for and where to find them, you can convey the message that will help them trust you, so when the timing is right, they'll say, "This is exactly who we need."

So for my birthday, I've bundled up the 4 tools that can help you make this happen.
1. The Pick a Niche Kit so you can find "your people" (regularly $99).
2. The Simplest Marketing Planner so you can stay in front of them in a connected way (regularly $49).
3. The Case Study Bundle so you can show them you're exactly who they need (regularly $179).
4. The Prospect Tracker so you don't lose track of the best ones (isn't usually even available because it comes with another download). But here's what one user said, "Thanks to your prospect tracker, I haven’t gone completely insane while trying to get my marketing done, LOL. I love how simple it is." 

Plus, I'm practicing generosity as a marketing tool lately, so, as a special bonus, TODAY ONLY, you also get 1 hour of coaching or mentoring to use anytime before my next birthday!

That's worth $250 -- but it's yours at no extra charge as part of this bundle. So even if you have all these downloads already, it's worth the price!

  • Your (my) birthday price: $99

  • Total value: $577

  • You save more than $478! That's almost $500. That's crazy! 

Buy the Birthday Bundle now!

PLUS: As a special bonus, you get 10% off a subscription to FunctionFox, the Timesheet and Project Management software. Sign up for a free 14-day demo here.

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