Designer's Proposal Singles 1 and 2 (a two-fer)

Designer's Proposal Singles 1 and 2 (a two-fer)

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Get only the proposal sample you need. This one includes 2 basic, short design proposals: logo design for a copywriter and logo/Corp ID + Web site (design only) for a jewelry company.



Highlights: Proposal 1
This one-page “project agreement” not only does the job of outlining concisely the terms agreed to for a small job between client and vendor who already know each other, it also goes a long way toward communicating, “We do things professionally.” It also serves its main purpose, which is to put in writing the details about time and money that was agreed to verbally, which is especially important to do with “familiars” to prevent confusion and misinterpretation.

Highlights: Proposal 2
Short and sweet for a previous client, following up an in-person meeting where many of the details were discussed and for a project that is design-only—logo and web site without coding. Hence, the short and personal follow-up note that precedes the specs. There is one page for the estimate with one fee for each major element of the project and the “deliverables” spelled out. Timeframe is approximate and this designer specifies that all content is provided by the client and that timing depends on availability of resources. She is giving herself a lot of cushion and keeping expectations realistic.

(Both are included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 1)

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