Designer's Proposal Single 12

Designer's Proposal Single 12

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Retainer agreement for Non Profit Organization



Design Proposal Single No. 12
Submitted by: Simplissimus (New York, New York)
Project Type: Retainer agreement
Client's industry: Nonprofit

(Included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 2)

The unique aspect of this proposal is that the client and design firm have already worked together on several projects. This proposal introduces the concept of an ongoing relationship between the client and the design firm in the form of a retainer agreement.

Defines retainer concept with explicit benefits:

  • Simplissimus does not assume a shared understanding with the client of what a retainer agreement would entail. The proposal simultaneously educates the client on the basics of a retainer, while explaining how the client would benefit from having one.

Establishes context for anyone new to the relationship:

  • While it is likely the person receiving the proposal is aware of the existing relationship between the client firm the design firm, the proposal does not assume that to be true. Realizing the proposal may go to several people involved in the decision making process—who may or may not have knowledge of the relationship—Simplissimus offers a brief overview to establish context for the proposed retainer agreement.

Proposes a specific scope of work:

  • Rather than submit a retainer agreement with no immediate work product identified, Simplissimus outlines a specific scope of work that could serve as a basis for the agreement.
  • Recognizing that retainers are fluid by design, Simplissimus suggests an estimated percentage of the retainer's capacity that might be consumed by each category of work identified in the scope. This helps ensure both parties have a shared understanding of the volume of work that may be satisfied by the agreement.

Proposes two fee options:

  • Simplissimus offers two options for monthly fees under the agreement, and details what the client could expect to receive at each level of commitment.

Offers opportunity to reassess:

  • If there is any reluctance on the part of the client to enter into a long-term agreement, Simplissimus proposes an initial four-month trial. At the end of the term, the agreement can be modified based on the feedback of both parties.

Creates a feeling of exclusivity:

  • In describing itself, Simplissimus uses phrases that create a feeling of exclusivity—“we only take clients and projects that are the right fit for us and the client.” This should make the client feel as though they've been specifically chosen—not as though they are just one of hundreds or even thousands on a prospect list.
  • In doing so, however, the firm is careful not to intimidate the client with visions of highminded creative types they might not be able to relate to, or even enjoy working with. Instead, they describe themselves as “an approachable group of people who communicate openly throughout the entire process.”

Calls attention to capabilities outside the scope:

  • This is particularly important in a retainer agreement, since the scope will change continuously as existing projects are completed and new needs are identified.

Demonstrates caliber:

  • Though mostly unrelated to the client's industry (nonprofit), Simplissimus's client list is full of major, recognizable brands that should provide a convincing argument for the firm's professionalism and experience

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