Simplest Marketing Plan Pre-order 2023 (12 months)

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June is over and we're halfway through 2022.

Are you half way to your goals? 

This one's for you if you already have the Simplest Marketing Plan and you know how powerful it is.

That's why you definitely want to continue into 2023 at a great price and with a package of super-helpful extras that make it even easier to get your marketing done -- so you can keep getting those better clients with bigger budgets -- and maybe be one of my success stories in 2023!


So it's a no-brainer to pre-order the brand new 2023 SMP. 

When you pre-order the new 12-month 2023 SMP, here's what you get:

A special mid-year onboarding session

This one-hour group coaching session will be held in mid-July and it will give you the leg up you need to keep going -- without losing one bit of momentum!

During this onboarding session, I’ll refresh your memory on how simple is The Simplest Marketing Plan. I'll show you where to start if you got sidetracked.

I’ll explain each of the 3 most effective marketing tools and connect the dots to give you an even deeper understanding of how they work together to make your ideal clients say, “This is exactly who we need.” And bingo! That’s when the magic happens.

And I haven't even told you yet what comes with the actual product. Keep reading to see everything you get.

Here’s what’s you get with the 12-month 2023 SMP -- the best part first:

Continued free access to monthly Office Hours group coaching session on Zoom — which you know has become the centerpiece and favorite element of the Simplest Marketing Plan.

Hopefully, you've been able to attend, so you know how inspiring they are! Plus you get to network with the other awesome creative professionals in my community.

It’s a live interactive presentation and discussion where you can:

  • get a refresher on how to use the marketing tools
  • see excellent examples of how others are using them
  • do some networking in breakout rooms with like-minded creatives
  • and, of course, get your questions answered in real time.

These sessions are great for learning, but also to show you you’re not alone in your struggles or celebrations.

Here’s what a few have said:

“Connecting with others as a solopreneur is my favorite thing.”
“One of the main reasons I purchased the Simplest Marketing Plan was to have access to Office Hours.”
“I like the office hours, too — I feel like it’s a wrap from the month before and a kick off for the next month.”

Of course, you also get the brand new pdf that will include:

  • All new case studies of Marketing Mentor clients who have adapted this plan to fit their comfort zones and making it work for them. (Maybe you?)
  • All new lessons (with articles and videos for all types of learners)

In truth, I don't know what else yet because you may have noticed that every year, I challenge myself to improve upon last year's Simplest Marketing Plan. Every single one is different -- and ideally better than the last.

So if you pre-order the 2023 version, even without knowing what will be in it and how it will be different, I can guarantee you that it will be better.

    Oh, and all of these tools too:

    Black & white printable version — for those who like to work with paper, this year we've added a distilled version you can print with QR codes that link directly to all the videos and other resources. 

    The Prospect Tracker — an amazing document that not only helps you keep track of your prospects, but also has email templates (written by me!) to use in your outreach— really!

    Monthly email reminders from me with a "DO THIS" — just in case you get a little off track. (It happens.)

    The one-minute highlights

    Are you ready to kick start the second half of the year and make sure you don't fall off the wagon in 2023?

    These strategies work — the creative pros you’ll meet in The Simplest Marketing Plan are running thriving businesses.

    Here’s what one creative wrote:

    “I read it from start to finish and in my opinion the 2022 edition is the best so far!

    This year’s edition has all the good things from last year: A monthly group coaching session, the planner itself.

    Of the new things I particularly liked:
    • “How to optimize your LinkedIn profile.” I wanted to work on my own LinkedIn profile right away!
    • The “Should You Submit a Proposal?” decision tree — love it! Simple to use.
    • The “How to close the deal: winning the work” section — a complete sales training in just 11 pages!
    • The new case studies make me feel like “I can totally do this.”

    You see, it’s one thing to know what marketing you should be doing (and that's what you get when you buy the SMP).

    It’s another thing entirely to actually do it.


    Buy now -- you won't be sorry!