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Your homepage is not about you

Posted by Ilise Benun on

So many homepages I see don’t make me want to dig deeper into a web site. They’re cluttered, text-heavy and they go on and on about the person or the business.

What’s wrong with that, you might wonder? Well, they leave out the most important piece of information — how the business can help the visitor.

So here’s a mini-lesson on how to create the best homepage, including examples of excellent homepages, that I put together for an online course I’ve been teaching to a group from the Editorial Freelancers’ Association.

Main point:

I know it seems strange, but don’t focus your homepage on you and your services. This is not the place. This can be done a level or two deeper into the site.  Focus instead on the visitor’s problems. Your homepage is where you must make a compelling case for the benefits of choosing you over your competition.

Here are some good examples of sites that do this (not necessarily all beautifully designed, but that’s not the point): Notice the common denominator amongst all of these homepages: the word “you” abounds.

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