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You can’t rely on email

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Time and time again, it’s proven true: you can’t rely on email and you can’t make assumptions. Those two things together are lethal.

When I first started working with web designer, Nicole Rose, a couple of my email messages never made it to her inbox. She didn’t think anything of it so she didn’t look into it right away. A month later, when she got around to contacting her IT service provider, she discovered that my messages weren’t the only ones missing. Many legitimate messages had been filtered into spam, including two from hot prospects to whom she’d submitted proposals but never hear back.  Here were their responses, saying, "We’re ready to go ahead with the project." But Nicole didn’t get those messages and, busy with other things, she assumed they’d chosen someone else. She had no idea they were reaching out to her. By the time she found these messages, they had in fact chosen another web designer. UGH!

When Nicole told me about this, I asked, "What could you have done to prevent this type of miscommunication?" The answer: stay on top of pending projects and if you don’t hear back via email, use the phone. You must get an answer from a prospect, even if it feels like you’re harrassing them to get it. There are real world consequences to imagining they don’t want to work with you. Nicole understands that really well now.

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