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You are making an impression (even if you don’t always know it)…

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Val Sopi did a free consultation with me back in 2008. He stayed on my list, read my tips and ultimately evolved his business into a software business, Goodwerp, Inc.

Now, as part of his content marketing, Val is doing a series that features people in the business aspect of design—hence, this extensive post about me: How to Run a Successful Creative Business According to Ilise Benun.

Though we never actually worked together (aside from that consult), my advice, and subsequent content marketing, made an impression on Val. And now Val’s will make an impression on others. Even if free consults or content marketing don’t result in direct business—they are getting noticed, and hopefully helping people grow. And sometimes, that shows up down the road.

Goodwerp, Inc., is a task management solution for creative teams. It’s aimed at small-business owners who serve their clients, work with teams, and value clarity and accountability above everything else. (If you’re interesting in trying it out, they offer a free trial.)

Keep on sharing your content.

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