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Year-End Chats with Clients

Posted by Ilise Benun on

The end of a year is a great time to talk to your clients, thank them, share a recap and inform them about plans for the future. But what is the most effective way? And how candid should you be?

Recently I received this question from a client:

This time of year I try to pop in and visit my clients and schedule a time for a chat on the phone. When preparing, I got to thinking about what is the "right" thing to share with your existing clients? I think it's a fine line and sometimes I worry about getting the tone right.

-We're working on some new great things.
-Very busy, we're in demand
-We're always looking for new challenges.

Here’s my answer:

A combination of all three.

  1. We're working on some new great things. Use this concept to tell clients about some of your favorite projects from the year: perhaps some are theirs, perhaps some came from other clients. This can show clients what you’re capable of, demonstrate that you’re an expert in the market, and plant seeds for future (ideal) projects together.
  2. Very busy, we're in demand. Depending on your reality, it can be a good idea to let clients know you’re busy. It gives them confidence in the fact they’ve chosen you—and even though you’re not exactly saying “get it while it’s hot,” it does foster a certain amount of early-planning on their part.
  3. We're always looking for new challenges. This is usually true for everybody, right? Talk to clients about where you’re going, the kinds of new clients and projects you’re looking for, and how you are excited to help them grow even stronger.

What do you include in your year-end talks with clients?

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