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Writers: Calculate what you need to earn, now.

Posted by Ilise Benun on


What do you need to earn and how does that affect your pricing? In just a few seconds, you’ll find out.

See, pricing is really quite easy. It’s simple math. The first piece is figuring out what you need to earn (which has nothing to do with what you’re worth).

Go to this page; do this simple 3 step calculation to figure out what your baseline is for ANY project. (This is not your price, but it is the basis for setting your prices.)

This is essentially the first step in my brand new program, AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects. In the program (which applies to designers and other creatives as well), you’ll get a complete walkthrough of my simple 3-Step Pricing Process AND everything you need to logically find, quote, and land the types of projects you want. (The program also comes with amazing bonuses like a negotiation—so you can hear what money conversations should sound like.)

Calculate your baseline for ANY project.

And find out more about AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects.

Rebecca Matter, AWAI President says, “I feel completely confident saying this is the only guide to pricing you need to launch or grow your business today.”

*Calculator photo, courtesy, Shutterstock. 

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