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World’s Best Subject Line – The Exciting Conclusion

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Ready to write subject lines that land in computers and smart phones with irresistible appeal, interrupting quiet walks with iPhones on the beach, luring BBQ-goers off to a quiet corner to read their BlackBerry, and providing welcome distraction to drivers gridlocked in holiday traffic (only when you're at a complete stop, now)?

Then as the follow-up to my first post, World’s Best Subject Line, here are a few more tips on writing subject lines that get noticed:

• Focus on expressing a clear idea and don't worry about writing a complete sentence.

• If your email is part of a series, make all the subject lines distinctly different. You don't want anyone thinking you're sending the same email you already sent.

• Feel free to tease; give just enough away to entice without giving away the story.

• Be honest. Make sure your email is related to the email content. No one likes being tricked.

• Avoid spammy words like free, save and money. If your email service is any good, it will flag the "dirty" words for you.

Lastly, take a chance and do something interesting. With the amount of email people get these days, you have to.

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