Working holidays

Yes, it’s a great, big, holiday weekend coming up. And for sure, I’ll spend a chunk of it eating, relaxing, and playing with the new dog (click here for the total cuteness!)

But I will also spend a good portion of the next four days playing with business stuff. And yes, I said "play"—for me, these quiet times when everyone’s out of town and the phones stop ringing are the best time to dive into some of the more "optional" but no-less-fun (and possible more fun) projects like…

  • reorganizing digital files
  • catching up with a lot of the to-read stuff I have bookmarked locally and on
  • making some overdue changes on my websites and blogs
  • "non-essential" marketing reading (e.g. that stack of Fast Companys, HOW magazines, etc., that have been piling up)
  • crossing off pesky, smaller items from my to-do lists

I know The BF has some holiday weekend work-type stuff planned, too (the Great E-Bay Sale, for one). Does anyone else have any nerdy stuff planned, or are you all going to watch football and snooze on the sofa between snacks?

However you decide to spend it, have a great (and safe, if you’re traveling) Thanksgiving!