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Word-of-mouth ain’t all that!

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If I had a dime for every time someone told me they had the "luxury" of getting their clients through word-of-mouth, I would be rich! 

But is it really a luxury?

Isn't word-of-mouth really just taking what comes along?
Since when is that the best way to deal with your life? 

When you depend on the phone to ring, are you really in control of your business?
And tell the truth: are the people who call (or email) your ideal clients?
Are they the people and companies you'd be working with if it were up to you? (And it is, of course.)

And when the phone stops ringing, as has happened to a lot of us in the past year, is it still a luxury?
Or is that when you realize you better do some marketing? 

I guess today's post is just a poke at the mindset whereby you believe that answering the phone is better than dialing the phone.

These are initial thoughts for an article I'm writing for a new web site, I'd love to include other perspectives. So tell me….

What do you think of word-of-mouth and why?

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