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With gratitude to Laurel Harper, wherever you are

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In my latest Quick Tip, I shared an epiphany of sorts. I realized that one action I took at the beginning of my career shaped the last 20+ years. Even though I’d never written an article before, I threw caution to the wind and wrote a query letter to the Editor of HOW Magazine, Laurel Harper, proposing an article idea.

And she said yes.

Thank you, Laurel Harper, for giving me the opportunity. The foot in the door you gave me turned my career into what it is today.

If I hadn’t written that letter…

And if you hadn’t said yes

I would never have:

  • written 7 books!
  • gotten that first speaking gig at the HOW Conference in 1993.
  • had a hand in developing the new Creative Entrepreneur track at HOW Design Live. (Will you join us in Atlanta May 19-23? Use my promo code “BENUN50” for $50 off).
  • made the connections at SCAD where I am hosting a lecture series called HOWDesignLive@SCAD – watch the videos here.

If you’re not sure whether or not to reach out to someone (including me)—do it. Put yourself out there. Introduce yourself. Ask a question. Propose something.

Whether or not they need what you’re offering—is not your decision to make.

It’s theirs.

So, let it be theirs.

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