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Will she get the gig?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We’ve been keeping you updated on Pam Saxon’s direct outreach efforts – and here’s the latest! (The big phone call is today! We’ll let you know what happens…) From Pam:

Remember how I had been going after (organization) to do workshops and present, and how once I said I wanted to be paid, they suddenly changed their tune? Well, I took that experience and parlayed it into something even better. There is a well-known summer conference called (conference name), and I've been trying to reach the head of that conference for some time, to no avail. He hasn't returned emails, and he hasn't returned phone calls. I almost gave up.

Then, after you interviewed me, I decided to try to contact him one more time via email with a link to the interview, along with a mention that I am going to be featured in the next HOW Magazine… just a little news blurb. My email stated that I would love to take the results that I have experienced in the interview and channel them into workshops for his teachers so they can experience the same kinds of results. And then I offered to prepare a proposal for him.

HE EMAILED ME THE SAME DAY. He apologized for not getting back to me sooner, and set up an appointment for next Wednesday morning to talk. How 'bout 'DEM apples?!

I am averaging about 1 new job a day now, and 3 new contacts per day…

I love the fact that Pam was ready to give up on this guy but didn’t. What did she do differently that got her the response?

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