Why you should never give up

After hearing Ilise talking about the importance of follow-up in marketing, and specifically the point that she never gives up on a prospect, I decided I would follow up "one last time" with one of my own prospects. 

In the past I had always felt people would call me if they were interested or that if I had spoken with them once that was enough. Yet Ilise makes a good point: Just because people are busy and not calling back doesn't mean they aren't interested in my services.

So I did the experiment and in this case I called my prospect back with a special I had been offering online to Twitter followers. He took me up on it! I got a new client! You could have pushed me over with a feather! I couldn't believe this worked, and yet, of course it did. I'm so excited to have finally found a way to market my business professionally and consistently.

Jennifer Palais is an L.A. based Personal Organizer who engages her clients in creating high-functioning, liberated spaces in their homes and offices.