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Why you need to feel like an expert first

Posted by Ilise Benun on

A client of mine recently lost a big project. It wasn’t because the price was too high – theirs was in fact on the low end. The company instead chose a firm that demonstrated knowledge of (and expertise in) their market. That’s what mattered most to them.

More and more of your clients are also choosing vendors who understand their market. (In fact, many of my clients tell me they choose me over other “consultants” because I am “an expert” when it comes to marketing creative services.)

So how do you position yourself as an expert to your target market? By providing “expert” content through your marketing. 

How do you provide “expert content”?  By thinking, writing, and speaking with an authoritative voice (a.k.a. thought leadership) on what you know the most about: your work. This should dictate the content in all of your marketing materials: newsletter, website, blog posts, articles, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

Every piece of content you put out should be strategically chosen to further your positioning as “expert” to your market. If you’re using any of these tools without an “expert-oriented” content strategy, you’re probably not making the authoritative impression that will build the trust that gets your firm chosen.

When your prospects see all of this expert content—that’s how they will know that you’re an “expert” – which also affects the perceived value of your services so you can charge more – but that’s a separate issue.

In order to create this “expert” content, you must first feel like an expert.
If you don’t “feel” like the expert, you can’t generate the expert content you need for thought leadership.

This is why I’m trying to redefine the term “expert.” Listen to this clip from a recent Marketing Group session where I try to explain the new definition. (New Marketing Groups start the week of March 14, by the way. Details here…)

Do you struggle with this too? Tell us in the comments…

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