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Why should they buy from you?

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

The answer to this question is known as your “value proposition.” Done right, it adds power and leverage to all your sales and marketing efforts. Done wrong, you’ll spend time and money saying the wrong thing to the wrong people, the wrong way.

To power up your value proposition, start with a clear understanding of your firm’s core strengths. Then, you’ll have to capture your prospect’s attention.

To get it, you’ll need to have a value proposition that speaks to what’s on their minds. And since they’re thinking about their customers, this means that you need to ask yourself. “What you can do for your clients’ customers?”

We’ve put this principle into practice at our studio, Fresh!, where many of our clients are professional service firms. Regardless of their particular area of expertise, they have one thing in common: they seek to improve their clients businesses in a direct way: making them more efficient, more profitable, boosting their revenues, cutting costs, etc.

We differentiate our marketing and design services — and add value for both our clients and their clients — by writing press releases documenting and publicizing the good news that results from our clients’ engagements (click here for sample).

When our clients make pitches for new business, they add value to their service portfolio by mentioning that they have a firm that will write up the expected bottom line improvements. Our clients win, their clients win, and hey — it’s billable.

By starting with your core strengths and resources and working your way through to your clients’ customers, you’ll be better focused with all your marketing, and better able to close deals when you’re face to face with a prospect.

So — why should I buy from you?

Thanks to Luis Maimoni of Fresh Graphics in Long Beach CA.

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