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Why resist specializing?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Positioning was a hot topic at the Mind Your Own Business Conference this past weekend. Tim Williams from The Ignition Group kicked off the event with a preach about positioning and made the case for what many designers and other creative professionals don’t like to hear: you must stand for something or else you stand for nothing.

Here’s how he defined positioning: What, Who and How. In other words, what you do, who you do it for (i.e what market do you know really well?) and how you do it. You can use any or all of those elements to position your services and become a specialist to those who need those particular services.

So why is there so much resistance to positioning or to ‘specializing?’ Fear of not meeting payroll was a big one he named. He also mentioned fear of naming what you stand for. And fear of taking a risk with a client, playing it safe so as not to lose a client. It all made me think that at bottom maybe a lot of us are just “people pleasers.” That we don’t like anyone being “against us?”

But if you keep all your options open, aren’t you in fact letting others decide for you and are therefore not in control of your business?

What do you think? Why is there so much resistance to positioning or to ‘specializing?’

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