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Why our current tagline doesn’t work

Posted by Ilise Benun on

A lot of you liked our current tagline, "Teaching the art of marketing and self promotion," especially compared to what some of you called "dull" and "bland" and "corporate-sounding" alternatives. (We do appreciate your candor.)

But here’s why it doesn’t work:

1. It’s "too "Ilise-based" — in other words, it’s all about me and what I do for you (teach you), rather than being about you and what you need and/or what you get. Basic stuff that I am constantly preaching. Duh!

This was a comment from Joe Beim, the Word Maven at the Success Academy, whose tagline is: We make your words more profitable! (And that, you can’t copy!), and I agree with Joe. Even if our current tagline is descriptive and clear, it doesn’t give you any benefit or, as Joe said, it "doesn’t instill desire in the prospective client."

2. One of our tagline challenges (and this may be yours too) is that there is a difference between what prospects come looking for (and think they need) and what they get once we work together.
Often what they get, in addition to the practical advice and hands-on coaching to build their business, is increased confidence in themselves and the whole business process. But if I’d asked them before we started whether that’s what they were looking for, they wouldn’t necessarily say yes. So if our tagline had been: #4 (building your business and your confidence, or the reverse, which was actually suggested by a few people), we may have missed them.

That’s what the tagline needs to address: what they think they want and need. If we provide more than that, that’s great. That’s why our current tagline, while descriptive of what we do, doesn’t work, or at least not well enough. It doesn’t do everything a good tagline could.

I’m sure those aren’t the only reasons. You probably have a few other ideas about why it doesn’t work. Feel free to share them….

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