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Why Neil rebranded too

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’ve been following along with Julia Reich, you’ve read and heard about how and why she is rebranding her business from Julia Reich Design to Stone Soup Creative. In our recent podcasts she literally walked us through the process and the motivation behind her rebrand.

It seems she’s not the only one. I’m getting a lot of calls from people whose businesses keep evolving – more quickly lately — and also need to rebrand.

Neil Renicker is one of them. He recently announced a transformation from Renicker Studio to Sturdy Design Company.


Neil says his biggest factors that influenced the change are 1) A mindset change from the "freelancer" feeling to the slightly more trustworthy "business" feeling to move into higher paying jobs, and 2) The need for a name that passes the "bar test" (if you're in a noisy bar and tell someone where you work – is it easy to hear and remember?).

In a post on Neil’s blog, he talks about his process. Here’s an excerpt:

Sturdy began as Renicker Studio – my tiny graphic design company. I bought an iMac in 2009, set up shop in my grandparent's basement, and got down to business.

As things go, I've learned a lot in the last several years of business. As I've made the transition (in my mind, level of client work, and overall strategy) from frumpy freelancer to bona fide business, I've come face-to-face with a big choice.

I've had to start thinking: do I want to run a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants outfit that pays the bills and gets me by, or do I want to develop a lean, strong, successful business that people can count on? Well, a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants operation isn't a terrible way to go, but it's not the direction I want to head.
I want to build something a bit more sustainable. Something a bit more dependable. Something that will stand the test of time – a business crafted as carefully and lovingly as the creative work it produces. Something solid. Something… Sturdy.

Also, as I move into this next exciting phase of work, Sturdy will be more focused on web design. An overwhelming majority of my recent work has dealt with creating user interfaces for websites and online applications, and the potential in this work is seemingly endless and particularly delightful to do. Sturdy, as a result, is primarily in the business of web design and development. Of course, branding, print design, and overall strategy aren't excluded, but Sturdy will focus on clients who consider their online brand to be central to their business.

Read the rest here….

What do you think about Neil’s rebrand and shift towards web design? Are you feeling it too?

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