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Why it’s time to package your services…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

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Here’s the latest from Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design

I’m excited to be included in Ilise’s new product, the Package Pricing Bundle. It shows my before and after packages—and the why behind my updates. In a nutshell, the revamp came from better understanding my target audience and sharing what they wanted to know. (Thanks, Ilise!)  If you’re considering packaging your services, check out these excerpts from my interview with Ilise:

Are packages right for every creative?

Ilise: A lot of people wonder if their services are right for packaging. What is it about yours that does make them right?

Jill: I think it works well because I tend to do the same types of projects for the same types of people; I do a lot of website design and development for creative businesses. [That includes] a portfolio and they generally want some content management system, so we’ll do it in WordPress. There’s generally a similar amount of pages and a similar amount of service offerings that people are looking for. I can put all of that under an umbrella as a package to offer.


Positioning has everything to do with it…

Ilise: It sounds like this is also related to your positioning, that because you have this strong positioning of “I do this for this particular group of people,” that allows you to package those services…

Jill: For sure, yes. It definitely makes it a lot easier when you can narrow down what is it you’re doing, who you’re doing it for, and get to some specifics around how you’re going to structure that.


Do packages work? Definitely.

Ilise: I would imagine also that because you have these packages, the people who come to you and find them realize automatically – without you even telling them – that you’ve obviously done this before and you know what they need. 

Jill: Yeah, it positions me as more of an expert in that type of work, which is cool. I also tie in my packages and those prices to my contact form on my website so people know how much to expect when we’re going to talk about the project.

Ilise: How have your prospects and clients responded to these packages?

Jill: I get a great response. People have just said, “Okay, well I’m looking at this package,” and we’re able to talk more about that. There’s definitely that visual for people to be able to see, “Okay, this is exactly what I need.”


If you’re unsure about creating packages, I say definitely go for it! If you need help, the Package Pricing Bundle has tons of great info. And if you’re reading this, you already know Ilise rocks. Sign up for her free session if you haven’t already.


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