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Who Should Offer Package Pricing

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Pricing is one of those topics that most creative professionals have trouble with, no matter how long they’ve been in business.

With my mentoring clients lately, I’ve been working on pricing strategy, whether hourly (not usually ideal), project-based (then you have to deal with scope creep) and retainer-based (best for ongoing projects and clients you know well). (More about these options in my book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money.) 

But the most underused strategy for creative pros is package pricing, especially if you’re offering web sites. In fact, here’s an example of 3 tiered packages I recently helped Jill Anderson of develop for her web site services (

In general, package pricing is your best response to that ridiculous question: “How much is a web site?” or “How much is a logo?”

Instead of writing off those clients, you say, “It depends.” Then you present your 2-3 packages which span a range of services and a menu of features. The client can see the parameters clearly and choose from what you offer. And/or your packages serve as a starting point from which to customize their project.

Anyone out there doing this? With success? What lessons or best practices have you learned?

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