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Who are your real competitors?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

You may imagine that others who do what you do are your competitors. They’re not. Not even if they do exactly what you do, for exactly who you do it for.

Unless your actual prospects are considering hiring another creative – they’re more valuable to you as a colleague than as a competitor. (Yes, this means you need to know who your prospects’ are considering, but that’s for another blog post.) 

*llustration by Kelsey Grafton.

They can be useful to you — and you to them — by sharing experience, sometimes even pricing, or by being there as a back up for each other. If you see them as your competitor, you deprive yourself of a resource and them too!

This usually requires a change in your mindset. Can you — do you — see those people with similar skills and services as “colleagues” instead of “competitors?”

The result could be an expansion of your professional network through which you’ll learn and become even more successful.

Your network is your key to success. And that's the topic of tomorrow’s free webinar for the Creative Group, Tips and Tricks for 21st Century Professional Networking @ 2pm. 

Here's what you’ll learn:

  • Tips for defining the "criteria" of your professional network
  • Ways to maximize networking opportunities leading up to, during and after an event
  • How to network on social media (without feeling like you're stalking)

Don't wait. Sign up here.

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