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Which markets are growing right now?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

When clients ask which markets to focus their efforts on, I've been advising them to follow Obama, who is focused on healthcare, education and energy. But those are huge industries. Where, within each of them, will you find the growth?

Atlanta has some examples of how to drill down into the broad sectors to find it. For example, according to a NY Times article (from July 18, 2009), a study released by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce's New Economy Task Force identified four large categories: technology, supply chain and logistics, bioscience and business services. "But, with a nod to granularity, the study identified subsectors like high-growth wholesale, vaccine manufacturing, livestock engineering and areas where federal priorities and money might provide a boost, like health care software."

Lots of interesting food for thought in this article. Read the rest here:

And once you've identified your market, you'll need to find the actual prospects. That's what I'll be teaching in a webinar on Tuesday, July 28 called, Who — Exactly — Are Your Prospects? Details here:

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