Where does your address belong?

Many solopreneurs I deal with work from home, which can make the sharing your address topic more sensitive than if you have an office address. Here’s a question I received from a client about whether you should share your address or not:

I have always had my address on my business cards thinking that my card is something I hand out personally (and where I usually go to if I need to know someone's address). I do not put my address on my web site as I have no control over who goes there and sees it. A few people I asked felt it was best to keep it off both places. Is the answer a P.O. Box?

Here’s my answer:

I think an address belongs on your business card since, like my client said, you choose who you give your business card to. It doesn’t necessarily belong on your website – especially if you’re concerned about privacy. On your website, it is however important to make your geographic location obvious so people can place you. I’d suggest including at the very least, your state, on your website. City and state is even better.

For years, I had my address on the Marketing Mentor website — and I never had a problem. Or at least I never had any stalkers (that I know about). But I do have a very mean-sounding dog.

As for a P.O. Box – I had one for many years. In my experience, it doesn’t serve any use except collecting junk mail.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have another strategy that works for you?