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Where do you find ideas for blog posts?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Sometimes, ideas for blog posts and newsletters appear like magic. But other times, they don’t. When you’re stumped, and you need inspiration, where do you look?

I just listen to my clients. Whenever I get a question (especially from more than one person), I take time to answer it, then turn it into a blog post.

We found a few posts on this very topic. Here, Chris Brogan shares 20 blog topics to get you unstuck, and Steve Aitchison shares 100 ways to find ideas for your blog posts.

Writing a newsletter or a blog (as a way of keeping in touch with your target market), is an important tool we teach in the Marketing Plan Group. If you’ve been meaning to get one started – but haven’t, and need a boost, the next group starts the week of July 19th. Details here or fill out this form.

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