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When the client refuses to pay…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I’ve been talking about money a lot lately in my Take Control of your Money webcast series. From how to think and talk about it, to how to manage it—I’ve been looking at different money struggles and scenarios common to creatives, like this one:

What do you do when the client refuses to pay?

It doesn’t happen often, but if you’ve been in business for a while, I’m sure you know that it does happen. Here are 11 tips, excerpted from my latest book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money:

1. Remain professional and don’t stress. Most important is to deal with these situations rationally. If you feel angry or emotional, wait until your head is clear before you have any contact with the client. Don’t put anything in writing that could damage your reputation.

2. Stop work. If you are still working on any projects, stop immediately and let the client know you’ll be happy to resume when payment is resolved. This is not a punishment; your paying clients come first.  

3. Be squeaky. Call and e-mail every week, even every day. They are likely to pay you just to stop the harassment. 

Read the rest here:

Join me this Thursday, April 14th for Part 3 of my Take Control of Your Money webcast series, How to Manage Your Money. Details & sign up here. (Parts 1 and 2 are also available on demand, in case you missed them earlier this year.)

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