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What would you do in this situation?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Yesterday, in the Pricing Game DesignCast, Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design addressed a situation where he was asked by a long-time client to design a piece that would be presented at a reception with President Obama. He gave his price, but the client asked him to cut the fee in half. Here are the details:
Creative Brief: Create a memorable card with a “wow” factor for a highly visible corporate sponsorship of the Fortune 25 Most Powerful Women. These women will receive a gift bag filled with all other sponsor’s gifts as well, and will be given out during a reception with President Obama.

The Twist: You present your estimate based on the time and value of this project. The client calls and says you need to reduce this estimate by almost half. Yet is willing to spend top dollar for printing.

  • Do you plead your case and hold your ground on the valueof your work?
  • Do you consider the long-term value of your relationship with this client and agree to drastically reduce your estimate?
  • Do you consider the high-profile of this event and that your work will be seen by the President so you are willing to take a hit for the value of your work?

Here’s the final piece from Cleveland Design.


Watch the short video to see how it works.

What would you do? If you want to hear what Jonathan did, it’s not too late to get the Pricing Game DesignCast.
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