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What to blog about

Posted by Ilise Benun on

A longtime Marketing Mentor client recently added a blog to their newly revamped web site. But I can't show it to you because there's nothing on it yet.

You see, they're not sure what to blog about. And I don't think they're alone.

That's why I spent two days with the principal and his 4 staff members (at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast, The Cliffside Inn in Newport, Rhode Island — thanks to Bill and Nancy, our lovely hosts) and one of our goals was to brainstorm content for their blogs, tweets, FB posts, etc.

I Benun leading design staff workshopOne of the exercises got everyone ranting and venting: what the clients don't understand, what they keep asking for or doing that doesn't make sense or isn't possible. This is not only good for getting it off your chest, it's also a good starting point for blog content.

You see, if you can pinpoint what your clients don't seem to get, you can use your blog to explain it, to show examples, to make your argument — and simultaneously demonstrate your expertise so others looking for it will find you!

So if you need help coming up with your strategy and content, hire me to help (we don't have to go to Newport RI although it's very conducive to brainstorming).

Or come to Toronto on November 10 for my half-day RGDworkshop at DesignThinkers, "How to Market with Content." Details here.

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