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What’s your price for this web site?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

An arts organization needs a new web site. Their current one was done in 2007 and it’s way out of date. Plus the staff doesn’t really know what they need. They just know it needs to be updated. And they would like to be able to add things to it and make changes on their own.
As far as specs, they anticipate it will have 5-7 unique pages. They have a logo and existing branding that will be used on the site.
Problem is, they don’t know what their budget should be.
Is this enough info to come up with a price? If not, what would you want to know before you can price it?

(This project will be part of the Pricing Game on June 14 and one of our distinguished designer guests will be pricing it and showing how he got to his price.)

The Pricing Game: A Real-World Look at How to Price Design Projects DesignCast

When: Thursday, June 14, 2011 at 4:00 PM ET
Previous DesignCast sessions have taught designers how to figure their hourly rates, how to position their pricing and how to ask clients for their budgets. Now, we'll go deeper on pricing to explore how creative professionals think about their fees for real-world projects. A panel of experienced designers will present their pricing for three mock projects, and reveal how and why they set their fees. Session attendees will get the project descriptions in advance and be able to play along at home and see how their estimates stack up with the panelists'. Be prepared to be surprised at how your peers think about pricing their work! This DesignCast is based on a very popular longtime HOW Design Conference session. You'll learn:

• A phase-by-phase breakdown at how your creative peers approach pricing their projects
• How your approach to pricing compares to others in the design field
• How other designers factor in rush charges, late fees and other considerations when arriving at a final price

More details here.

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