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What’s your plan for 2013? Quick & final offer…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Success is more likely if you follow a plan. That’s why I created the new 2013 Creative Professionals Marketing Plan + eCalendar. This new plan is very different from last year’s version. Here’s how:

The new updated plan is simplified and streamlined so it doesn’t overwhelm your life or your calendar.

There is one marketing task to do every day, that’s all. Also, it comes in 2 versions: One to get interactive work and another to get the work you want, which is more general and applies to almost anyone marketing a service or talent. It’s all electronic and downloadable instantly.

Ecalcover2013Until midnight on Dec 31, I'm offering a final discount on The Creative Professional's 2013 Marketing Plan + eCalendar

2013 Plan to Get The Work You Want
2013 Plan to Get Interactive Work

Just use the "SAVE5" promo code when you shop in the Marketing Mentor Toolbox.


Beginner_cover_smallOr if you prefer a printed, spiral-bound plan + calendar, get the 2013 Start Anytime version here. (The “SAVE5” code works here too!)

Whether you use these plans or not, I highly recommend to do some planning for how you’re going to make 2013 your best and most prosperous year yet.

And don’t miss my annual FREE "marketing pep talk" to be held virtually (as a webcast) on Thursday, Jan 10 at 2 PM Eastern. Sign up here!

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