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What’s up with those leads groups?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

One of the attendees of my latest Bi-Weekly Marketing Plan Group asked me this question as we were getting started last week:

Q: Do you think groups like Business Networking International are good venues for networking?

A: I think it’s worth checking out because BNI (and many networking organizations like them) have multiple groups around the country and around the world. And every group is different. So the value of BNI depends in large part on who’s in each group. (It also depends largely on how actively you contribute to the group.)

In general, the way to think about the question is, "Will I meet my prospects there?" or, in the case of a leads group like BNI, "Will the people in the group be good referral sources for me? Do they come into contact with my prospects?"

For this you have to have a chosen a market, which is the topic of the first in our webinar series, Grow Your Business From Your Desktop, this Thursday, Sept. 27. More info and sign up for Get Rich in a Niche here.

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