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What’s the next big digital marketing trend?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Are you just getting on board with tweeting, posting and pinning? Well, before long, there are sure to be new digital marketing trends. In a recent column,’s Team Digital answers this question:

What's your prediction for the next big digital marketing trend?

My response:
It's more and more people becoming "entrepreneurs." This goes beyond being a digital marketing trend. In fact, it is thanks to digital marketing that it's possible to become self-employed, whether by design or by force of circumstance. Some research claims independent workers will be 50% of the US population by 2050. For us to succeed in self-employment, we need to perceive ourselves as entrepreneurs (or solopreneurs) which means taking responsibility for our work lives. And for that we will need more information about how to make it on our own together: how to build networks, access resources, get help and, of course, market ourselves online (and off).

Brian Honigman said:
It's the value a business can bring to consumers through the limitations of an experience. Whether it's the 140-character limit on Twitter, the 15-second limit on an Instagram video or the fact that content shared on Snapchat self-destructs, these features force companies to create a valuable moment within the confines of a community that is unique, interesting, educational, emotional, hilarious or any combination of the previous.

Joanna Lord, BigDoor said:
It's focusing on the customer. Customer-centric marketing will lead to building great brand advocacy and will be hugely advantageous for the companies that invest in it. Loyalty will matter more moving forward than it ever has before. Marketers will have more tools, more resources and more channels available to them than ever before. We have no excuse. We should be thinking about how we can add real value to the user and seed those loyal moments, hopefully building a community of fans that advocate on our behalf.

Read what other Team Digital members had to say:

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