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What’s the big deal about money?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

From what I hear from creative professionals I talk to every day, the biggest money problem is broaching the subject in the first place. So many people call me and say, “I should have talked about money, I just didn’t … and now we’re halfway through the project.” Waiting to talk about money is a recipe for a mess. It’s like driving over a bridge while it’s under construction. Please stop doing it! (And please explain to me in the comments why it’s so hard.)

As the creative professional, it’s your job to bring up money. When you talk about money—right away—you’re better able to provide what your client wants. In my recent webinar for PhotoSheleter, I shared strategies for “Talking Money with Clients for the First Time.” (Watch it for free!) My tips include:

• Move out of your comfort zone – stretch yourself
• Talk general price ranges right off the bat
• Talk on the phone when a prospective client inquires about price.
• Get specific about pricing before you draft a proposal

Think of yourself as an ambassador. By handling the money issue directly, professionally and honestly, your client will be more comfortable and have more respect for you as a business person.

And if you’re hesitant to bring up money, please tell me what’s stopping you.

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