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What’s in the magic marketing pill?

Posted by Ilise Benun on


In Corwin Heibert’s latest MEMO2 FREELANCERS, he features a Q&A we did together. I had fun answering his questions. Here are a few:

Q: What strategy do you encourage freelancers to take when aiming to charge competitive and sustaining fees?

A: Pricing is not a solo act; it’s a negotiation, a duo. You start by knowing what you must charge. But to come to a price for a specific client’s project, you need to have a conversation with them to find out if it’s a good fit, first. From there, you can come to an agreement together. Without those conversations, most creatives are wasting time on proposals they’ll never win and guessing at numbers, as if they’re playing the lottery.

Q: If you could sell a magic “marketing pill” to freelancers, what types of actions (side effects) would you hope to see in their promotional efforts?

A: I come back around to focus. If you think you can be everything to everyone, you’re wrong. The more focused you are on who you are best suited to serve, the clearer your message can be to them…

Read the rest of my Q&A with Corwin Hiebert.

I also answered questions like:

  • What do you see as the biggest barrier to long-term success?
  • How can a creative have a healthier relationship with their finances?
  • What business practices stand out to you as imperative to the growth of a viable freelancer career?

Also in this edition of MEMO2 FREELANCERS, you’ll find a view into photographer, Kate Densmore’s life as a freelancer and see some of the photographic work of Andrey Popov.

Download MEMO2 FREELANCERS for free.

And check out Corwin’s Business Action Planner here…

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