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What is your hourly rate?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Recently, on the Freelancers Forum, I answered some pretty pointed questions about pricing posed by Colleen Rice Nelson, who also runs the Freelancer Meet Up in LA.

The most-asked question: "What should I say when they ask, 'What is your hourly rate?'"

If you've heard or read anything I've written about pricing, you probably know I take a pretty provocative stand on this issue: Your hourly rate is none of your client's business.

In this interview I elaborated on this idea and then answered the follow up question: "What should I do if they push, push, push and insist on knowing my hourly rate?"

Listen to find out what I said, including when you can make an exception to this rule.

During the second half of the hour, I was joined by Dyana Valentine and the communicatrix to answer more listeners' questions about pricing.  (Note: there was a glitch in the recording between minutes 7-12, but it goes on for an hour altogether.and is worth waiting for it to continue, IMHO)

Listen here:

By the way, there will be an entire session on pricing at the Creative Freelancer Conference. Peleg Top and Lee Silber will be offering a hands-on workshop called,  The Price is Right. Sign up today here:

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