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What Is Meaningful Independence To You?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Here are my favorite excerpts from yesterday’s awesome article by Steven Greenhouse about the Freelancers Union and its founder, Sara Horowitz, on the cover of the Sunday Business section of the NY Times (

When Ms. Horowitz started the [Freelancers Union], her main concern was the here-today, gone-tomorrow insecurity of freelance jobs.

We want people to have meaningful independence,” Ms. Horowitz says. “And that means freeing them of this insecurity to give them the ability to take risks because somebody has your back. That’s what this is about. That’s what the new mutualism is.”

In this new mutualism, she sees another, largely unrecognized benefit for freelancers, those supposedly pajama-clad workers who often spend their days toiling at home alone. “People feel mentally and physically better when they feel connected to each other,” she says. “What we’re doing brings people together without them losing any individual aspects of themselves.”

Ms. Horowitz’s new mutualism is based on a simple premise: freelancers should band together to set up social-purpose institutions to serve their mutual needs. That, she says, would be far better than relying on corporations and private investors who might have different priorities, not to mention a desire for substantial profits. (Read the whole article here:

And tell us what you need to have “meaningful independence”…

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