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What if we ignored the twitch?

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Hi, I'm Deidre. In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a web copywriter, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and what I’m learning as I go (with Marketing Mentor as my guide).

How much time, exactly, am I wasting on Facebook?

I ask this because I had an incredibly productive week—yet I was pretty much working half days. But since I had work to finish, within a shorter time period, I was avoiding everything else I usually do on the computer.

All week, I kept feeling like I was forgetting something.

What was I forgetting? My work was definitely done. Where was this feeling of “missing something” coming from?

I think I was missing the influx of unnecessary information I usually fill my head with during a normal day.

I had been ignoring the twitch. Do you know which one I’m talking about?

The twitch that takes you away from work to check Facebook, look for a new eggplant parmesan recipe, see if those shoes went on sale yet, or see what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast? It tells you to check your bank account –again. Find a video on YouTube. Read a restaurant review. Find things to buy on Etsy! Check your email, for the 57th time today…

Was the twitch filling up the other half of my day?

I feel like an explorer who has just uncovered a new world. A world where there might actually be plenty of time! Could it be?

The only way to find out: Keep ignoring the twitch.

And start checking Facebook – once –a –day.

Can I do it? It’s this week’s experiment. Wanna join me?

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