What if I don’t have industry-specific samples?

One of the things I love about the Marketing Plan Groups is the way that members give each other the advice and feedback that's hard to come by when you work alone.

On the wiki we use as a discussion forum in between the every-other-week conference calls, one member posted a question about what to do when a prospect requested healthcare-related writing samples – but the writer didn’t have any (yet).

Here's an excerpt from that exchange between the group members (with their permission, of course):


Someone from LinkedIn contacted me, saying that she'd love to see what I'd written for the healthcare industry as her company is always looking to grow its resources of writers.

It doesn't sound like there's a specific opportunity there yet, but I would certainly like to be included in her company's resources.

While I have knowledge of the industry (and chose it because of this) through indirect experience (doctors in my family, etc.), I don't necessarily have any writing samples yet.

How would you suggest I respond so that I could still be considered? (I have an old paper I wrote in business school on marketing a medical practice, but it reads like a term paper, so I'm not sure it's the best thing to submit…)


I had a similar situation recently where a woman I knew approached me asking to see samples of work I had done for other small businesses. While I had one piece, most of my samples were in higher education.

So I explained to her that the work I would show her was some of my more creative pieces, and she would get a feel for my creative abilities by showing her my strongest samples. I have to admit her faced looked a bit concerned, but when I set up a meeting with her she loved what I showed her.

I saw her again a few days ago at a gathering and she told me how impressed she was with my work. And that I had picked the right projects to show her. Needless to say I'll be doing her brochure in the near future.

I would suggest telling this woman you'd like to show her some of your more creative writing which may not be associated with health care but if she likes what she reads you can easily write specifically for that industry if she'd like to give you a try.

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