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What I learned at CFC

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I was lying low last week, catching up and digesting the experience of the Creative Freelancer Conference. But I’m back now and ready to jump back into writing and client work (and I have 2 one-on-one mentoring spots open and 3 new mentoring groups starting in September. Check them out.)

It’s almost embarrassing to be on the receiving end of so many appreciative email messages like this one, ““CFC was the most valuable educational conference I’ve ever attended. There were several times during the conference where I literally thought, “I just got my money’s worth.” So you can imagine how rewarding it is to produce an event that has that effect!” (Here’s a short video clip from the last day: )

It was exhilarating for me as well. The best part, by far, was spending 2+ entire days just being with so many creative freelancers and solopreneurs, steeping myself in their mindset, hearing the same challenges over and over, seeing what people are really struggling with and watching them help each other. It was quite incredible to witness, not to mention be part of.

We had the cream of the freelancer crop in the house!  And one positive effect of this recession: those who spent the time and the money to come to San Diego were hungry for help and eager to connect. From a presenter’s point of view, there is nothing better than speaking to a group of people who really want to learn.

It is great, of course, that everyone is so excited and that excitement is likely to last through September. But what about next month? What about when winter sets in and you just want to crawl back into bed? (And because you’re a freelancer, you can.) How do you stay engaged in your business when it’s just you? How do you motivate yourself to keep building your business? (This was actually a question from an attendee for our Speaker Panel that didn’t get asked, so I’m asking it here.)

Start planning and brainstorming now so you don’t get caught mid-winter, with your “tribe” or support network nowhere in sight. Please share your ideas and tricks here.

(And you can see more here about CFC:

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