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What hourly rates are others charging?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

The results are in from the Creative Business newsletter's 2011 Billing Rate Survey

How typical is your hourly billing rate? 

What are others charging?

What effect has the business recession had? 

This five-page article will tell you. 

This article reports on the findings of a survey conducted in August 2011 by the Creative Business newsletter to over 2,500 creative firms of all sizes–single-person to dozens of employees. 

It provides average percentages for firms with fee income in six categories: 1) under $100k, 2) $100k to 250k, 3) $250k to $500k, 4) $500k to $1.5m, 5) $1.5m to $2.5m, and 6) over $2.5m. In addition, it provides data on client awareness and response to billing rates. 

The report also discusses the proper use of billing rates, provides interpretation of the data, notes the change in rates since the last Creative Business survey in 2007, and recommends a minimum rate necessary for a firm's long-term viability.

Purchase the 2011 Billing Rates Survey Results for just $15.00. 

What else does Creative Business have to offer? 

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This added benefit, unique among publications of any type, saves subscribers thousands each year in wasted time and avoidable mistakes.

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