What does your future hold?

Are you rethinking your future as a creative professional? Thinking about adjusting the course? In Cameron Foote’s latest issue of Creative Business, his article, Rethinking Your Future. Course Adjustment? How Much? addresses these issues, and discusses the factors to consider. Here’s an excerpt:

Running a creative services firm is a very personal thing. Whatever its size and type, it’s also your business. You’ve invested your time, talent, and money. A large chunk of your future is tied to it. So any downturn can cause you to question choices you’ve made. Maybe you need to step back and think about some of the personal factors that impact every creative business.

For some, stepping back could mean questioning how hard they’re working for what they’re making. For those running multi-person firms, it might involve exploring downsizing, perhaps even going back to working alone. For others, perhaps it means revisiting the pros and cons of working “inside,” rather than having your own business. And for still others, it could involve succession or retirement planning.

Whatever your situation and concerns, one thing is for certain: to be successful and enjoy a good living over the long-term, creative firm principals have to maintain a high level of enthusiasm about the course they’re on. This article is about some of the factors that need to be considered in that process.

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