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What does it take to make INC.?

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Saul Colt, whose company,, is a favorite recommended resource here at Marketing Mentor, made the Start-Up blog the other day.

Howard Greenstein attended his session on "How to Make Love to Your Customers" at Social Media Camp NY, and was intrigued both by his stance (how many companies list their telephone number front & center) and his delivery of the presentation–Saul spent the entire time talking about the "how" and not about his business.

It’s an interesting thing, branding: yeah, we’ve got the ability to do up the bells and whistles of it more easily than ever; it’s still the basics that are most compelling. What you stand for. How you back it up.

And when your brand stands for outstanding customer service? Well, it’s a helluva lot more powerful than having a ritzy logo, sexy tagline or splashy promotion.

Or did I miss something?

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