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What do you use a newsletter for?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Oh, that pesky newsletter project.

Partly I’ve been procrastinating, but partly, this is just my style: I take however long I need to get something to "click" in my head, and then I go, baby. Sometimes, the front loading takes no time at all; other times—this time, for instance—the gestation period is positively elephantine.

While talking—okay…whining yesterday to Ilise about how maddeningly elusive this newsletter project is proving, she related an interesting anecdote. One of her clients summed up the point of a newsletter as ‘something to help people know how your mind works.’ Yes, the type of content I choose is important; I don’t want to bore people (or worse, turn them away) with needless information. But hey, even if I give ’em my best stuff, they still might be bored, because it’s not for them.

Talk about taking the pressure off!

Anyone else have any pithy words of wisdom before I finally hunker down to write that first issue this week?

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