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What do you do when they say, “Send something over”?

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Welcome to Week 15 of my adventure as a member of the Marketing Plan Group. In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a website copywriter, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and what I’m learning from my group experience.

I think 2010 is going to be all about having the proper tools in place… Not having to reinvent the wheel every time… Having research calling scripts in place, having systems that work, having something to send over when prospects ask for more information… 
Because if you have the tools ready — all you need to do is use them.
This week, my Marketing Plan Group created one-sheets. A one-sheet is something to send to a prospect that shows what you do, powerfully, in one sheet.
I got some great feedback from my group on my one-sheet today, and I’m beginning to realize that this one-sheet is going to be a kick-butt tool in my marketing toolbox. The 2-3 hours I’ve spent creating this one sheet – so worth it. This single document will help me connect with my target market, and it will demonstrate what I can do for them. It’s crazy to say this about one piece of paper – but this one-sheet is going to get me new clients. Yup, I said it. This ONE-SHEET is going to get me new clients. (Ideal ones who are in my target market.)
Do you have something to send when prospects ask you to send something over?
Or is it something totally different every time? If you don’t have a one-sheet, why not take a few hours to make one. This single sheet has the potential to make a massive impact.
Here’s what I learned about how to make a good one sheet:

  1. Be SPECIFIC. As creative solopreneurs, many of us have broad-icitis. Unfortunately, our interest in being broad and appealing to everybody doesn’t seem to support our business growth. If your market is churches, don’t be afraid to use the word “congregation.” If your market is restaurants, don’t be afraid to use the word “menu” instead of “in-house collateral materials.” Get it? And if you have more than one market, you should make more than one one-sheet. 
  2. Keep it simple. Simple is powerful. Continue to streamline your one-sheet. Chip away at it until your visuals and your words work together. If your one-sheet is your one chance – make it a good one. Talk directly to your audience. Take out the nonsense. Speak directly to their need. Show why you’re fantastic.
  3. Get input. When something is too close to you, it can be hard to see. Have a buddy, someone you can bounce ideas off, or ideally, have a great group of supportive, helpful and inspiring firecrackers like I do. A new Marketing Plan Group starts Jan 18th.

What do you think? Do you have a one-sheet? Will you take the time to make the tools with me?
P.S. This week’s homework is to make our first round of research calls. More on that next week!

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