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What do real clients want in your proposal?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Julia Reich from Julia Reich Design didn’t have a great track record of winning proposals in a competitive RFP-type environment. But this time, she really wanted the job so she decided to get some help. We worked together to update her proposal, and it worked. She won the job!

Why did they choose her firm? Which elements cinched the win? Julia says, “The client reported back that they chose my firm because I demonstrated that I understood the sector they are in better than the competition, as well as their specific branding challenges. They also appreciated that I explained specifically how much time each phase would take. I guess the other designers didn’t do that.”

These elements were clearly important to Julia’s prospect. Maybe they’re also important to yours?

Read the rest of Julia’s testimonial:

"I recently worked with Ilise to provide assistance writing a proposal for branding & design services. My proposal was already good – but not great – and my track record in winning projects just like this one in a competitive environment was poor. She thoroughly reviewed my proposal, offering excellent tips that included page re-structuring, some copyediting, and advice on content that needed to be included but was missing. And guess what – I won the project!

If you need help bringing out winning elements in your proposal, I can help. Email me for details.

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